Day 1 - Recaps

Written by Jiří Maléř on .

The European championship of cadets in Ostrava is high,leaders didn't hesitate

Eighth match in groups started the European championship of cadets,which caters Ostravan Arrows park. The first day confirmed a medal favorites from Netherlands,Italy, Russia and Czech Republic.They are approved their might again.

In first match on championship at 9 o'clock morning acceded teams from Belgium and Italy,which didn't hesitate and smoothly won.Accomplishment was 12:0.Without problems young Russian women adviced with Poland players and won 13:1. and later they won with Ukraine 24:6.First bigger drama was match was in between Great Britain and Serbia teams ,when Serbian women eventually won 7:5.Players from Netherlands like biggest favourites introduce eventually themselves in the match with Italy.Match had a big power.It was last longer then 2 hours but Netherlands players eventually won 9:6.In last game Great Britain dames eventually won.It was their first won in this day and they defeated France players.

on Monday Czech reprezentatives aceeded in their both games.First In the afternoon they consulted with Germany 3:0 and in the evening had match witch Slovakia.Game althought was complicating by rain but our players from the beginning confirmed favourites playing and the game was over in first part ,when young Czech players led 15:0.Big an compliment is for every guests because it was raining but they stayed here and were cheering.