Interview with Anežka Bartoňová the Czech player

Written by Jiří Maléř on .

Jitter fell from us,for today we have two wins and we are so happy.

 Czech representation Anežka Bartoňová Like a member didn't hide her joy after first playing day SEC 2017 .She has played softball for 10 years.In this time she reprezetants Czech choice. ,,Everybody was so happy that we will play at home,although in first game we were nervous . We were surprised how were playing Germany players but  we won 3:0.It was so impotnet for us to won." remembering Anežka.For Anežka ,, It was an enjoyment ceremonial but they were little bit sad because it was raining when we were playing with Slovakia. ,,We were calmer but it was a little bit  problem with rain but despite this guests were here and cheering.,,Tomorrow we will play with Italy team although we will play in the evening so we rellax and prepare for the game.Still apply that we want to fight for medails and we will put it in the ours heart." Anežka Bartoňová promised for the whole team.