Elena Slawitz: 2 slaughtering exited us, we want to win

Written by Pavel Burkovič on .

She doesn’t hide even for her country typical temperament young Italian player Elena Slawitz. ,,I began played because my brother started too, at once i love this sport. I have played for 10 years and last 3 years i have represented.“ Remembering on her beginnings.

Italian players like only one medal favourites, that got to know bitterness, because when games of groups didn’t suffice on Netherlands and Czech players. However Elena thinks that all her team exited going to fight.,,We nothing give up, because tournament doesn’t it assertive, two losses showed us what we can change and we have a clear the end, we want going to go in the final and we do it for it everything what we can.“ Said Italian representative. She believes that helps them fabulously atmosphere, we have here ours cheers, that make us so happy, but all in all we enjoy here, here are so fine people, we enjoy here with all team in Ostrava.“ Said in the end Elena Slawitz.