After 3 days, teams without defeat, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Russia

Written by Pavel Burkovič on .

WCE is in half time, 3rd playing days were again accomplishment for favourites, but for organizers too. In 1 day they changed games previous day because it was raining. On Thursday we will play along original schedule.

7 matches were planning on Wednesday morning, Great Britain put down Ukraine 5:2,big leader tournament from Netherlands 22:1 won with France, Russian players won with Germany 6:4,Italy won 4:0 with Great Britain and victories have Slovakia too with Ukraine 17:0. After 3 playing days WCE that are stay only three games without loss. For enjoyment cheers and home softball organizers, next players from Netherlands and Russia too. Thursday program WCE will start, when weather will be good, that will play at 9 o’clock in the morning. As first team will play Czech Republic with Great Britain. On second field will play Slovakia for victory with Belgium.