Spanish man from the billboard

Written by Dominik Zdráhal on .

I had a great opportunity to meet a celebrity today - there is a billboard here in Arrows stadium, inviting for junior European championship and on it, you can see Sapnish outfielder Daniel Martinez, taking a cut during last year´s senior European championship. And by coinsidence, he is a Spanish team leader here. So I asked him couple questions.

Vladimir: Daniel, how did you end up on a billboard in the Czech Republic?

Daniel: I was very surprised, when I came to a technical meeting last Sunday, I noticed a Spanish uniform and after a heated discussion with other coaches, we came to a conclusion that it is really me :D So I took a picture of it a sent to to all my friends and family. The only problem is that you can is the ball there too, heading for foul ball, so I can´t tell anybody it is my homerun swing :D :D

Vladimir: You play for Saint-Boi, you guys hosted europaen aademies tournament in spring, so your facility must be pretty good. How do you like ours?

Daniel: Our field has a very high standard, otherwise we wouldn´t have a chance to do a tournament like this. We also have a little pub for spectators, but I have to admit that it cannot be compared to your stadium. Infrastructure and palying surfaces are awesome, I already noticed that last September. Spanish weather during summer is also killing us, the grass goes yellow pretty quick. Basically, what we have here in Ostrava this week, that´s the weather story in Saint-Boi June till September.

Vladimir: Some of your baseball experience, special moments?

Daniel: Definitely my study at Junior College in Nebraska. It gave me a lot baseballwise, a great number of games get you tough mentally, and that, by my opinion, is the aspect of play understimated mostly here in Europe. Thanks to that, I hang in the National team for quite some time despite fact, that we have players from US leagues, including Major League.

Vladimir: Do you know any Czech player?

Daniel: Petr Čech :D I met him first during European championship U21, played in Pamplona, Spain and since that, we keep bumping to each other basically in every major European tournament. And he is hard to be overlooked, especially when he is looking right at you from the beer billboard here :D

Vladimir: Daniel, thank you very much for this and best luck in your future baseball career.

Daniel: And I thank you for promoting Spanish baseball on Czech billboard :D